Integrated Institute of Disaster Management - IIDM

Experts in Multisectoral Training on Managing Multiple Disasters, Climate Change Studies, Livelihood, Skill Development, Soft Skill, Handicrafts, Sustainable Development Goals, etc.

(Regd Under Trust Act) Since - 2018

Integrated Institute of Disaster Management (IIDM) SINCE -2018

Integrated Institute of Disaster Management (IIDM), a non-governmental organization, registered under Indian Trust Act with Registration No: Book IV 18/2018 TP9594860/2018, is working towards Managing Multiple Disasters and Climate Change awareness and Environment Education, Risk Analysis, reductions and mitigation, planning and mapping, capacity building training to various line department officials and staff,Communities, college and school students. IIDM is also developing Community based First Responders, Aapdamitra volunteers and others as per risks, hazards and vulnerability locations.

OUR USP(Unique selling point) & PERFORMANCE

IIDM has well-trained ToTs in all the coastal and non-coastal districts, IIDM aims to provide its Systematic Approach Training [SAT] as per Standard Operation procedure [SOP] to various sector/ communities in Tamil Nadu and in other parts of India. It has got expertise in conducting trainings not only on Disaster Management but also livelihood, skill development, Soft- skill trainings. It can also impart training in Leadership & team building, Capacity and Carrier building, Safety measures, stress and time management etc regularly at all levels.

We have successfully completed Disaster Management training (Revenue Department) for over 4500 Youths as FIRST RESPONDERS and 280 Aapdamitra Volunteers at Villupuram District in 2021-2022. 5000 First Responders at Firka, Divisional and district level at Cuddalore district during July, August, September – November 2022.

Presently, we are doing IEC activities in 928 Revenue Villages of Viluppuram district and 50 in Cuddalore district at present Nov 2023.

Our Mission

To make all the states in India Resilient in Disaster management and capable of informed risk reduction.

Impart training in Climate Change, Livelihood and Skill training as per SOP & SAT. Also conduct IEC activities, Resource Development, Strategic learning, and knowledge-sharing by strengthening the State, the District, the Taluk and the Block Administration along with community.

To channelize the responses from different administrations and community through sustainable development efforts towards preparedness, prevention, mitigation, response, recovery, relief, reconstruction, rehabilitation and resilient.

To try to get various programmes, projects from Central and State governments to implement their trainings and other special project activities at all level.

Our Vision

To facilitate India in becoming a disaster resilient Country.

To provide Career Development training to the needy people through TNA [Training Need Assessment] towards Skills, Livelihood and Capacity building.

Community based approach to solve socio-economic problems.

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